Cast & Crew

Director Christian Duguay


Canadian Christian Duguay has directed a number of theatrical and television film projects, include Screamers (1995); The Art of War (2000); Extreme Ops (2002); Boot Camp (2007) and Coco Chanel (2008). He also won a Directors Guild of Canada Craft Award and a Gemini Award for directing Human Trafficking, a 2005 TV dramatic miniseries.

Alessandro Preziosi

Preziosi plays Augustine during his young- and mid-adult life. The Italian-born actor, the son of lawyers, has been acting for more than 15 years in movies, television and on the stage. He also has recorded three albums as a musician. The Internet Movie Database reports that he has a law degree and has practiced law in additional to his acting and musical projects.

Franco Nero

Nero plays the aged Augustine in RESTLESS HEART. He has an impressive list of credits as a character actor, and has been appearing in films since the mid 1960s. He also has appeared on television, including an appearance on NBC’s popular Law & Order: SVU in the premier episode for season 13. He is married to actress Vanessa Redgrave.

Andrea Giordana

Giordana plays Bishop Ambrose, who is credited with being a significant influence on Augustine’s conversion to Christianity. Giordana comes from an Italian family of actors, including both parents and three siblings. His movie career dates to the late 1950s, and he also has appeared on stage and in numerous European television programs.

Monica Guerritore

Guerritore plays Augustine’s mother, Monica. She is a native of Rome and has been active in film, theater and television since the 1970s. She has appeared in more than two dozen films and more than two dozen stage productions, with a dozen television credits

Johannes Brandrup

Brandrup plays Valerius in his early- and mid-adult life. He is a German native with television and film credits in Europe, including the 2008 film 80 Minutes.

Cosimo Fusco

Italian-born Fusco plays Augustine’s father, Patricius. He is among the more well-known cast members to American audiences because he appeared in the popular TV series Friends (as Paolo) and in one episode of the series Alias. He also had roles in American films Gone in 60 Seconds, Angels and Demons and Coco Chanel.

Dietrich Hollinderbäumer

Hollinderbäumer plays Macrobius, the orator who exerted great influence on Augustine throughout his early adult life. The German actor has experience in stage, screen and television across Europe. He studied at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, Sweden.

Gerald Alexander Held

Held plays the aged Valerius. He may be best known to American audiences for his role in the Steven Spielberg film Schindler’s List. He also has appeared in numerous other films, on the stage and in television series.